Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

About Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is 4 years License program regulated by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are responsible for safety and security of the Aircrafts, Helicopters and other flying machines. They are specially trained to carryout complex maintenance process including periodical maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufactures requirements and issue Flight Release Certificate for safety before each flight. To carry out this maintenance process and issue Flight Release Certificate an individual has to undergo 4 years of approved training program in approved institution and obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License from DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

Approved By

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program is approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India.


Students who have Passed/Appearing 10+2 with minimum 50% marks in Non-Medical (PCM) Group are eligible to apply for the course. 3 Years Polytechnic Diploma candidates also eligible for AME.

Program Structure

AME Program is divided into streams to cover the entire maintenance requirement of an Aircraft.
  • 1. Mechanical
  • 2. Avionics


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer find placement in Airlines, General Aviation, Government Aviation, Define, Foreign Airline and all such organizations which has got flying aircrafts.

Career Opportunity

AME has got tremendous career opportunity in Airlines, General Aviation industry, manufacturing industry and defiance sectors due to all round strong growth in Aviation Industry. The latest aviation policy of Govt. of India also highlights this fact and projects over 3.3 lacs new jobs in next few years in this sector.

Career Growth

Usually an AME joins as a trainee in the airlines or general aviation after completion of 3 years of approved program. This extends an opportunity to gain experience to meet the requirement of Type Rated License which is the mandatory requirement to work as an AME.