Bright Future in Aviation Courses

Aviation has become a very lucrative and challenging profession for young, bright, talent in India. Since the AME Aircraft maintenance engineering course give engineers the final authority for handling the flight airworthiness safety certificate, so they hold important role. AME engineers have ample of opportunity waiting today. As there are many Airline courses, the aviation sector has 70 million jobs in Asia mainly most are for AME. The AME have a flourishing career ahead as the entire booming aviation sectors depends on them. Most of the global airlines are expanding and have gone on a recruiting spree only to experience a huge shortfall in trained professional.

For bright future in aviation courses in India, the AME are one of the most elite groups of individuals, who not only draw a very good salary packages usually not available in other field, also they are respected for their professionalism, dedication and hard work throughout the aviation industry. Before any flight take off Aircraft engineers issue flight release certificate certifying the safety of the Aircraft in air before a pilots is authorized to fly the Aircraft, which makes AME engineers position very vital and important. At present India have approx. 800 commercial Aircrafts but by 2027 the number of commercial Aircraft is expected to be around 2100 to handle over 800 million travelers who are likely to use the air transport considering the current growth rate of over 20%.

  • o MRO industries
  • o Aircraft manufacturing companies
  • o Airlines both domestic and international
  • o Aircraft parts manufacturing companies
  • o Aviation training centers
  • o Flying clubs
  • o AMO (Aircraft maintenance organization)
  • o Defense forces
  • o Air ambulance
  • o Firefighting organizations using Aircrafts and helicopters
  • o General aviation including corporate Aircrafts

There are many reasons why students should opt for AME course:

1) India will emerge as third largest aviation market in the world after US AND China.

2) Thousands of new Aircrafts is being inducted by Airline industry to sustain the explosive growth of aviation.

3) There is a huge requirement of skilled Aircrafts maintenance engineers and technicians, and hence huge job opportunities are being created by Airlines and other support organization as mentioned above.

4)There were 133 Aircrafts and 33 millions air travelers in 2003 before open sky policy but today’s scenario is different with over 170 million air travelers  are using over 800 passenger Aircrafts,  showing India as  largest  growing  aviation market in the world, which is aggregating at the rate of 20% to 30% per annum.

5) With highly growing Indian economy and GDP. We need to have fast and effective transportation system. So air transport is considered to be the fast and most effective and efficient movement of men and material.

There  are many colleges doing Aircraft maintenance engineering and Aircraft maintenance engineers training in India but among all  IIAE (Indian institute of Aircraft engineering) is the most trusted brand considering its infrastructure facility and faculty with over  20 years of experience in Aircraft maintenance engineering programme under  regulatory approval of DGCA ,Ministry of civil aviation, Govt. of India and above all 90% of its placed alumni makes it one of the most ideal choice among the institutions for AME course. Currently IIAE has been accorded approval for CAR147 (Basic) by DGCA aligning it with European standards as an added benefit which will further boost the career prospects by opening new avenues.

For admission in AME programme at IIAE, the  selection of  future AME engineers are done through entrance exam popularly known as AIAEE (All India AME entrance examination), which is conducted once a year with 2 different examination dates for convenience of students. For Aircraft maintenance engineering course one should have passed or appearing 10+2 with PCM, or should have passed 3 years diploma from any Govt. Approved college. At present AIAEE exams are conducted across 26 centers in India. AME course have two branches. That is mechanical and avionics which covers AME license category B1.1 and B2 simultaneously.

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