Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering- Enroll to get Better Career Prospects

Finding a good career option is always a daunting task. I am sure you too would be seeking for one of the successful options to pursue so as to get a well-settled career. Actually, having a successful career does not always require a high flying degree. It all requires a correct pathway to follow and seek a bright future.

If you want to have prospered future, then you should really look for a career in aviation. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the appropriate answer to your enthusiastic quest for a better career option. There are many reputed and highly accredited Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India from where you can give your career a better push.

Is aircraft maintenance engineering another branch of engineering?

Aircraft maintenance engineering surely sounds like just another branch of engineering. But fortunately, it is not. It is rather a better and more pensive option. This course is not a diploma or degree but a license that authorizes you to maintain different types of aircraft in top working condition.

Our country is brimming with different types of engineers and doctors in all fields. In such a scenario, an aviation course like aircraft maintenance course simply comes across as an exciting option.

What is good about AME?

If you pursue this aviation course at the top Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering then a wide variety of other associated job options will be open for you along with the prospects of very good income.

Besides this single license, no other degree is essential to work as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME).

Job description of an AME

The licensed AME has to be involved in restoring and maintaining the motorized as well as avionics equipment of an aircraft so that it flies safely.

The engineer has to examine the mechanical as well as electronic equipment to ascertain that they are in impeccable working order. While performing the work, the engineer has to use diagnostic equipment which is to be approved and certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Even the repairing and replacement of any part of the aircraft has to be undertaken by a well-certified AME only.

Job Options Open AME

  • Avionics Engineer
  • Airframe engineer
  • Power plant engineer
  • Aircraft and power plant engineer

IIAE is one of the best institutes offering AME program. This Aircraft Institute of Maintenance and engineering is approved by DGCA Ministry of civil aviation, Govt. of India for AME license,

Category B1 – covers heavy aircraft and turbine engine – Mechanical stream.

Category B2 – covers aircraft electrical instrumentation and aircraft communication along with navigation system – Avionics stream.

The duration of the AME program is four years. The four years programme is divided into two parts:

  • Approved academic programme under CAR-147 (Basic): 2 years
  • Practical repairs knowledge requirements on flying aircraft: 2 years

Aircraft Maintenance engineering program is an exciting career option than regular engineering. Then what to look for? Enroll yourself in the leading institute of aircraft maintenance engineering approved by DGCA and grab better career prospects.



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