The fast growing aviation industry has always demanded the best of human perfection to keep alive the human quest to
find new milestone in aviation.

Career Opportunity

A secured career is the ultimate destination of a fruitful education system. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) programme is such career which has tremendous opportunity at present compared to other engineering career for many years in future to come. The following reasons is important to understand the realistic trend of huge employment opportunity as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer which is the most popular career in aviation today.
  • The highly growing Indian economy and GDP growth cannot sustain without fast and effective transportation system and the growth of Air transportation is one of them for efficient and fast movement of men and materials.
  • Due to rising trend of Indian economy, the growth of Air transportation is moving on very fast trajectory to match the need of Indian economy and growing at the rate of 25% per annum necessitating the capacity addition with existing Airlines and setting up of new scheduled and unscheduled Airlines adding hundreds of new Aircraft to handle the phenomenal growth of Air traffic.
  • As per the current trend, it is forecasted that India will emerge as the third largest aviation market in the world after US and CHINA by 2027. This means thousands of new aircrafts has to be added by the airline industry to sustain this explosive growth in aviation.
  • Considering a highly specialized nature of Aircraft maintenance, overhaul and repair system which requires mandatory Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) safety certification for safe operation of the Aircraft in the air on the day to day basis creating the huge demand for skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and technicians in India.
  • In addition to Indian aviation growth, the other Asian countries specially the gulf nations are also growing at the rapid pace due to their strong economic prospects. Indian trained engineers are their natural choice to support their airlines and other aviation entity for competitive cost consideration compared to their natives or western engineers. Hence, the number of engineers produced for Indian aviation is naturally taking to westward journey for higher career prospects and remuneration. This creates constant need and vacuum for trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India.
  • This is just the right time after 10+2 to become part of booming Indian aviation industry for excellent and assured career.
  • Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE) enjoys the treasure of its 90% placed students in aviation both in India and abroad. ALUMNI LIST and will continue to do so in years to come through a highly credible approved aircraft maintenance engineering training programme for youth in India and other continents across the world. What are you waiting for??
  • IIAE is just the right place for your successful career in aviation. APPLY NOW
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