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1What is AME?

Aircraft maintenance engineers are most important professional in aviation industry who is responsible for safety certification of the aircraft without which an Aircraft is not allowed to fly. In short an AME is responsible for the safety and security of the aircraft and its occupants in the air.

2What is AME license and its importance?

The aircraft maintenance engineer’s license is a qualification which an AME has to earn to exercise the power of an AME while certifying the aircraft for its safe operations in the air and on the ground. The AME license is issued by DGCA to those who clear 11 modules for Mechanical and 10 modules for Avionics of DGCA license exam and has acquired four years of practical maintenance experience either in Airline or DGCA approved MRO organization. The AME license has different category such as A, B, B2 and C license. All the above licenses has various subcategories to cover the various technological need of an Aircraft to cover its scope of safety certification. For example IIAE Delhi is approved to cover B1.1 and B2 category from DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation Govt. of India to cover heavy turbine aeroplane and Avionics category.

3Is the AME license is equivalent to diploma or degree?

Aircraft maintenance license is the only required qualification to work as an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) and is valid in private, Govt. and aviation industry both in India and abroad. AME license is issued by DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation Govt. India under aircraft act 1934 and aircraft rules. It is also inconformity with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standers. A degree holder in any branch of engineering is not allowed to work as an AME.

4What is the placement of IIAE?

IIAE has excellent placement record of over 90%. The IIAE alumni are serving both in India and abroad in the airlines, maintenance planning jet engine manufacturing and Aircraft technical publication. You may visit https://www.iiae.in/placements/ for more information.

5What is the career opportunity in Aviation as an AME?
6What is the IIAE Admission process?

Admission in IIAE is granted through an All India entrance test known as AIAEE-2019. You may Apply Online to register for the admission process. Visit the link https://www.iiae.in/admission/

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